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Union Prevention Solutions

On a preventative labor relations basis, LRSI can help facilitate a more positive work environment through Employee Opinion Surveys, Climate Assessments, Management Training, Employee Education, Counter Card Signing Strategies, and other communication programs. Through improved communications and education, employers can eliminate many of the issues that cause employees to seek unionization. Many proactive employers find that an investment in our preventative labor relations programs can be far more cost effective than waiting until employee concerns turn into major problems that spawn a petition for representation.

Counter Card Signing Strategies

When employers are faced with union organizing activity, we recommend immediate professional assistance to assess and propose appropriate “next steps.” If active card signing is taking place, we would emphasis an educational approach in providing information to employees so they can make an informed decision about unionization.

Our unmatched success in preserving union-free environments is due to our legal and ethical approach to communications, ability to work collaboratively with management, and on-the-ground experience and knowledge obtained from more than 30 years of being in business.

Employee Opinion Surveys

Employee Opinion Surveys are one of the quickest ways to obtain confidential, objective and quantifiable information on employee perceptions. LRSI surveys are custom designed for each employer based on years of experience in designing and administering Employee Opinion Surveys. Data is analyzed and a comprehensive and actionable report is generated to give management the tools they need to gauge progress and improve their work environments.

Climate Assessments

The most effective way to obtain unfiltered information provided by employees is through a confidential climate assessment conducted by our staff of professional bilingual and multicultural consultants. These assessments are conducted through one-on-one and small focus group meetings. All employee comments and remarks are kept anonymous. Since LRSI consultants are viewed as neutral and objective facilitators, we usually obtain 20% to 30% more information than would otherwise be obtained through a written survey or conducted by internal management.

It is this unfiltered information provided by employees that provides the most effective method in terms of flushing out the true issues and attitudes of employees. Employees benefit by being able to voice their issues and concerns and knowing that executive management will hear their unfiltered information. Executive management also benefits by obtaining unfiltered data that may be critical in making the best possible business decisions to improve positive employee relations and future direction of the employer.

Employee Education

Once card signing has begun or a petition has been filed, the best way to maintain your union free environment is to educate your employees with legal and factual information so they can make an informed decision. Our highly-trained and experienced consultants will work with your management team to develop a communication and education strategy that best fits your situation and level of activity. We also have the bilingual and multicultural capability to be able to directly interface and communicate with your staff as necessary and appropriate in any work environment.

Our ultimate goal is to bridge any potential gap that may exist between management and employees and to establish a solid foundation for improving employee-employer relationships.

Management Training

LRSI dynamic and interactive trainers provide all levels of management with the latest in practical tools necessary to effectively and legally communicate with their employees about current and upcoming labor issues. This knowledge is vital for management in order to avoid unnecessary and expensive charges from being filed against them because they were unaware of these complicated labor laws. Employees also benefit from our management training programs by having a management team that can provide credible information and answers to their labor questions.

New Employee Orientation Education

As part of an employee education and preventative strategy, it is important not to overlook the importance of educating new hires about your union free philosophy. By including labor relations material in your standard Human Resource orientation information, you can help ensure that employees are well-informed and aware of organizational procedures and philosophies.

Our experienced team of professionals can create custom orientation programs and videos to fit any need, philosophy, and work environment. Our custom programs have received overwhelmingly positive feedback from new hires that have found the information both informative and valuable.

Custom Videos

Research has demonstrated that videos can be one of the most effective means of communications between employers and employees. Our group of professionals is able to create tailor-made videos or utilize our large library of stock videos to best suit you labor relations needs. These videos can be used to supplement New Employee Orientation programs, ongoing preventative program, or during an organizational drive.