Recent Testimonials

One of the best indicators to define the caliber of professional consultants and services LRSI has provided our clients is through their testimonials. The following is a partial list, which is regularly updated, with some of the recent testimonials we have received from our clients. Upon request, facsimiles of the full letterhead testimonials we have received from our various clients are available for review.

DS Waters of America

"Your counsel and professional staff have always worked with our management team and Associates in an ethical, legal, and professional manner. Your firm has consistently provided exceptional results in a wide variety of difficult labor relations situations at our many Branches throughout the United States.

Throughout our relationship, we have been successful in ten (10) union organizing campaigns and a one (1) decertification campaign. In addition, we have materially improved Associate and management relations, thwarted unnecessary pre-petition union organizing activity, and averted strikes that would have been detrimental to our Associates, organization, and customers.

Most importantly, your company's actions and advice have always been made without our best interests at heart and for the intended well being of our Associates. I honestly believe we are a better organization as a result of our relationship with Labor Relations Services.

We thank you for your counsel and look forward to continuing the friendship and mutual respect we have developed over the years. We would also highly recommend your organization to anyone who needs practical and effective labor relations services and advice."

Tom Harrington
Chief Operating Officer

Best Buy

Within our company we have focused heavily on preventative measures for making unions unnecessary. Our process has involved extensive training of key field leaders in the areas of Technical Services, Retail and Logistics.

We have had the good fortune of having one of the best individuals in the business work with us. Rian has been utilized as an expert resource in conducting training for these field teams. His style was highly engaging, educational and most importantly actionable. He built relationships quickly with individuals regardless of level within the organization and established a high level of credibility.

Rian has also performed work as a persuader for us during an organizing drive. His results were nothing less than world class. Our campaign started with the receipt of a petition with nearly 90% of the employees having signed a union authorization card. Seven weeks later, the union withdrew the petition.

I would enthusiastically recommend Rian and his organization on any labor related issues.

Steve Hance
Sr. Manager – Risk Mitigation

W.R. Grace & Co.

I want to thank you for your firm's recent work on a union election at a Grace location.  When we received the petition and reached out to Rian Wathen, he immediately had advice and strategy that was critical to pulling the project plan and team together.

Rian served ably as the Labor Relations Persuader for this location.  Rian hit the ground running, made an assessment at the location and recommended a full petition campaign plan in 24 hours.  The plan was one that assured ventilation of employee issues and greater understanding of the location's overall issues and opportunities.

After working with Rian on this project over a four week period, I want to share with you that he did an outstanding job.  He immediately established a credible rapport with employees at the location and the management project team.  His intensity and energy for a positive outcome was complemented by years of experience, knowledge of the National Labor Relations Act, intuition with people and understanding of how organizations operate.  As we advanced through the project he provided an ongoing stream of actionable recommendations and guidance that changed the climate at this location in a very positive way.

Altogether, I was very pleased with your firm's services; both in terms of the outcome of the union withdrawing the petition without any outstanding legal issues and because of the highly professional manner that you and Rian helped achieve this outcome.  We appreciate all the efforts your firm and Rian made and look forward to a continuing association in the future.

Andrew Morrison
HR Leader for Global Manufacturing and Employee Relations

Fisher Printing, Inc.

As far as the two major union campaigns, which were assigned to Labor Relations Services for positive resolution, we were certainly more than pleased with the overwhelming victories which resulted. Regardless of the very favorable results, what was equal to or even more important was what we learned in the process, which, at least in part, has allowed us to take great strides forward in terms of our business and has actually and surprisingly resulted in a positive return on the dollars invested in your firm.

Your bilingual "persuaders" connected very well with our people and that chemistry allowed for the proper and legal communications of the "right message" to our voters.

The lessons we all learned have definitely inured to the benefit of our company. At this point in time, I am extremely proud of the enviable position we now maintain in our specialty printing arena both in California and Illinois.

Willard J. Fischer
Chief Executive Officer


On behalf of Townsend Tree Service Co., LLC, I wanted to personally thank you for your extraordinary efforts as Townsend faced union organizing efforts by I.B.E.W. Local 702 in Evansville, Indiana earlier this summer. Your creative solutions and ability to work with our team – our in-house executive team, our legal advisors and our field management – contributed significantly to our successful outcome.

You approached the union organizing efforts waged against us with practical, legal, and effective strategies. Your professionalism with both our management team and our field employees helped us build more positive relationships and educated both sides in ways which have allowed us to have a more productive employer-employee relationship without the interference of a collective bargaining unit.

I trust that you know that Townsend would not hesitate to call on you again and use your services as the need arises. If I can serve as a reference for your services, I would be pleased to do so. Feel free to provide my name and contact information to any other potential client who would like more specific information about our experiences.

Phillip Chambers
President & Chief Operating Officer


On behalf of ProTransport-1, thank you for your extraordinary efforts to thwart union organization on our company by NEMSA. The three election victories exceeded our most privately held expectations. In addition, your willingness to work closely with labor counsel to guide us through the numerous issues that arose during the organizing campaigns contributed significantly to the successful outcomes.

We would be remiss if we failed to mention that your team conducted themselves in a professional manner with the highest integrity at all times. We have no doubt the exemplary manner in which your team presented themselves enhanced the credibility of the company's message and knocked the legs out from under NEMSA.

William Snell, General Counsel
Steve Lewis, Chief Operating Officer

Best Buy

I just wanted to let you know how much we appreciated the work that Rian Wathen did with us in our recent union organizing campaign in Portland, OR. Rian's work as a persuader was critical to our ability to turn around a very difficult situation to the point that the union withdrew their petition the day before the election. Rian was a true professional and his approach to the work aligned perfectly with our corporate value of "show respect, humility and integrity." We do our best to create an environment at Best Buy that makes unions unnecessary, but if we find ourselves in a similar situation in the future, I would not hesitate to request Rian's assistance.

Jim Showalter
Director, Employee Relations