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Strike Planning Solutions

LRSI strike specialists will develop a detailed and strategic business continuation plan to strengthen an organization's position at the bargaining table, assist in helping to achieve "reasonable and attainable bargaining objectives," put in place measures to avert the possibility of a strike, and to ensure the employer's business interests are very well-protected in the event a strike occurs.

Valuable time and unnecessary expense can be saved by utilizing our extensive knowledge base gained from over 30 years of assisting in the development of business plans for clients both internationally and throughout the United States.

Core strike planning objectives include: business continuation planning, strike preparation, strike replacement, work stoppage security, internal and external communications, and strike management. In addition, LRSI strike specialists develop and coordinate "post strike" communications, debriefings, and management training that emphasizes the "healing process" and expectations moving forward.

If you want a free sample business continuation plan outline, which is utilized to materially strengthening management's position at the bargaining table and prepare for the possibility of a work stoppage, contact LRSI at 1-877-892-1962 or simply fill in your contact information and request by clicking Contact Us.