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Management Training Solutions

Course Overview:

Labor Relations Service's dynamic and interactive trainers provide all levels of management with the latest in practical tools on how to identify labor activity, how to effectively and legally communicate with their employees about labor issues, and what they need to know about current and future labor trends. By having a well trained and knowledgeable management team, you will be able to more quickly react to potential union activity and be able to credibly provide information that often will persuade employees from wanting to organize.

Management Labor Essentials Training Series:

The best way for management to be aware and be prepared for an ever changing labor climate is to have skill based Labor Relations training. LRSI's exclusive and interactive training programs are fully customizable and always updated with the latest in union organizing tactics and strategies to counter any potential changes in labor laws. Nowhere will you find a more comprehensive training series to prepare your first-line supervisors and executive leadership team. The following is a partial topic list of the many training programs we offer:

  • Union Prevention and Awareness Series
  • Early Warning Signs of Union Activity
  • Reasons Why Employees Seek Unionization
  • Why it is Important for Management and Employees to Remain Union-Free
  • Countering Union Authorization Card/Petition Activity
  • Union Organizing Tactics and Strategies
  • How to Maintain Your Union-Free Environment

  • Union Organizing and Campaign Series
  • National Labor Relations Act Training
  • How the Union Organizing Process Works
  • Countering Union Organizing Tactics and Strategies
  • How to Legally Communicate in a Union Organizing Environment
  • How to Legally Maintain and Control Union Activities
  • Corporate Campaign Counter Strategies
  • Union Specific Facts that Unions Want to Keep Secret

  • Labor Practice and Workshops
  • Role Playing Labor Practice Exercises
  • Live Union Organizing Scenario Workshops

  • Labor Law Reform Preparation
  • Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA) Training
  • Expedited Election Strategies
  • Card Check Strategies
  • Labor Law Update