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Labor Communication Strategies

LRSI professionals can handle any labor communication need you may encounter with proven strategies from over 30 years of consulting experience.

Union Organizing and Campaign Communications

During a union organizing drive and campaign, proper and legal communications are critical. One misstep could result in losing an election, the filing of unfair labor practice charges, or even forced representation through a bargaining order. LRSI professionals have the experience and knowledge to avoid these labor communication pitfalls and provide you with proven and tested communication strategies that can be customized to fit any organizations needs.

Corporate Campaign Communications

Many employers have found themselves in the midst of a union corporate campaign, which essentially is an assault by a union to undermine an organizations reputation with shareholders, community leaders, customers, politicians, media, creditors, employees, banks, clergy, regulators, etc. These tactics are often used by unions to apply pressure on organizations to agree to voluntary union recognition, sign neutrality or code of conduct agreements, or as an alternative method to an economic strike during collective bargaining.

LRSI can provide sound public relations strategies to help organizations navigate and mitigate the effects of a corporate campaign and preserve your employee rights and key relationships. A campaign attacking your public image is one an organization cannot afford to lose and our professionals can help ensure that you don't.

Collective Bargaining Communications

We understand that your negotiating team works diligently to protect your organizational objectives during collective bargaining; however, their efforts are oftentimes diminished due to lack of consistent and lawful communications with bargaining unit employees.

LRSI consultants work hand-in-hand with your negotiating team, labor counsel, and executive management, to carefully craft employee communications. This team approach, which may include lawful meetings with bargaining unit employees, explains the collective bargaining process, answers employee questions, provides negotiation updates, and encourages employees to see through the "union spin".

Ultimately, the synergies attained through our combined efforts helps to establish the employer as the most credible source of information and improves an overall understanding by employees of what is "really happening" at the bargaining table.

If you have never considered utilizing communication specialists before, allow us to show you how LRSI can materially improve your collective bargaining position.