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General FAQ

How can Labor Relations Services help my company?

Labor Relations Services, Inc. (LRSI) is committed to helping our clients foster and develop a positive work environment that is beneficial to both management and hourly employees. We truly believe that management and employees are best served by working directly together without the intervention of a potentially adversarial, outside party, such as a union. Our goal is to preserve and strengthen the employee-employer relationship, which ultimately results in more satisfied and productive employees and more profitable organizations.

In cases of an NLRB petition (commonly referred to as a "union campaign"), Labor Relations helps employers and their legal counsel win union campaigns with an unparalleled rate of success. The fact is: Labor Relations Services can double your chances of winning an election. LRSI has won over 90% of its elections, while companies utilizing only internal staff and/or legal counsel have won just 46%. By utilizing our multicultural and multilingual labor relations consultants, executive management is able to equip voting employees with the information they need in order to make an informed decision and vote "NO" on Election Day.

On a preventative labor relations basis, LRSI can help facilitate a more positive work environment through Opinion Surveys/Work Environment Audits, Management Training, Employee Education and other programs. Through improved communications and education, employers can eliminate many of the issues that cause employees to seek unionization. Many proactive employers find that an investment in our preventative labor relations programs can be far more cost effective than waiting until employee concerns turn to major problems that spawn a petition for representation.

How can I obtain more information about your services and pricing?

You may download our online brochure, or simply contact us for further assistance.

What separates Labor Relations Services from other firms?

Not only do we advise management, but our consultants take the message to the masses and interface directly with the employees that actually vote in the election. For proactive employers that desire to improve their work environment and help ensure that work place issues are not exacerbated to the point that employees lose hope and feel they need a union to represent them, we help employers with a number of preventative labor relations programs.

In addition, Labor Relations Services has consultants perfectly suited to our clients' individual needs. Our senior consultants generally have 20 to 30 years of experience each and come from a variety of professional and cultural backgrounds. We have former union organizers and high ranking officers that can provide employees with an insider's look at how the union "really" works. These unique backgrounds provide great credibility when addressing managers and potential bargaining unit employees because our consultants can speak from their own real life experiences.

Union Avoidance

Don't attorneys and consultants do the same thing?

While attorneys are generally very good at helping companies navigate through the legal channels of a campaign and may provide training for managers and supervisors, they usually do not speak directly with the voting employees.

That's where LRSI consultants come in. Our persuaders interface directly with the employees that will be voting in the election. We equip employees with the information they need to make informed decisions, which results in employees voting "No" in a vast majority of elections.

Can I use both attorneys and LRSI consultants?

Yes. As a matter of fact, this is recommended. Though we are not attorneys, we work hand in hand with an organization's internal or external legal counsel to form the most effective campaign strategies.

Attorneys generally handle various NLRB filing requirements and may even provide supervisory training, while LRSI persuaders speak directly with the voting employees.

I just received an NLRB petition for an election, what do I do?

Contact Labor Relations Services as soon as possible to form a winning strategy that is geared specifically to your organization. In general, the NLRB's secret ballot election will be conducted within 42 days of the date of the petition, so time is of the essence. Our experience has shown that the best way to help ensure a company victory is to:

  1. Ensure 100% commitment on the part of management to remain union-free.
  2. Utilize labor relations experts, such as Labor Relations Services, to educate voting employees.
  3. Obtain the best legal counsel possible.
  4. Use high grade union avoidance materials such as videos, LM-2 reports, complaints against the union from its own members, etc.

What should I do if I suspect that some employees are signing union authorization cards?

Contact Labor Relations Services to begin a comprehensive employee education program. Within the first few days, our experience consultants will be able to ascertain the degree to which card signing is going on. If it is not, we will let you know and advise you of "next steps" that should be considered. If there is active card signing, our educational program will provide hourly employees with the information they need to make an informed decision about unionization. It has been our experience that when presented with the facts about unions, an overwhelming majority of employees decide that union representation is NOT in their best interest.

Can my organization's HR and Legal team handle a union campaign?

To become an expert in any field requires a considerable amount of information and experience. With all that is required to run an effective campaign and win the election, the most effective option is to utilize the services of Labor Relations Services' experienced consultants. By combining the use of our consultants with your HR and Legal team, your organization's chances of winning the election are significantly improved. Generally, Legal Counsel deals with specific legal matters that accompany such campaigns and may provide training for management personnel, while our consultants take the approved lawful message directly to the employees and supply them with the information they need to vote "no" on Election Day.

Why should I use LRSI professionals?

LRSI has the highest caliber multilingual and multicultural persuaders in the industry. Our professionals include ex-union organizers, NLRB attorneys and former members of corporate HR staffs. Together, they have over 200 years of experience in the field and have won several hundred NLRB campaigns.

Our unique marriage of theory and practice, combined with the fact that we interface directly with the voting employees, has proven to be exceptionally successful.

How much will it cost if my organization becomes unionized?

Research shows: Unionized facilities have 10-15% more overhead expenses than their non-union counterparts (this does not include changes in employee wages and benefits).

If an organization becomes unionized, it is tantamount to adding a 30% Corporate Tax to its bottom line.

Unionized facilities are generally worth 20% less on the open market compared to their non-union counterparts.

For the average organization, becoming unionized will cost hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of dollars to its cost of doing business. Since this is a recurring cost (once unions are elected, they are seldom decertified), the price of unionization can be staggering.

Positive Work Environment

Why is it more effective to have Labor Relations Services professionals conduct an Opinion Survey instead of our own personnel?

Our bilingual and multicultural consultants are either viewed as "employee advocates" or, at a minimum, as "neutral" by participating employees. As a result, employees tend to express 20-30% more information to our consultants than they otherwise would to an employer's internal management team. That's where our value is found. Simply put, we are non-threatening to employees because their remarks remain anonymous and they know that we do not have the power or authority to hire, fire, promote or demote employees because of their remarks.

It is this unfiltered information provided by employees that is generally most effective in terms of flushing out the true issues and identifying potential union "hot spots." It is far and away the best manner in which to communicate management's concern for employees. We have found that our Opinion Surveys are significantly more effective than the traditional paper and pencil variety as well as those conducted by internal management.

Are efforts to create a positive work environment cost effective?

Investing in preventative measures, such as Opinion Surveys, is significantly, i.e. 100% - 500% less expensive than the cost associated with letting issues come to a head and result in a full scale union campaign. In addition, taking preventative measures to improve the work environment communicates to employees the value that management places on them. Since exempt and non-exempt employees spend at least 50% of their daily lives going to work, being at work or recuperating from work, it only makes sense to invest resources in making your organization the best possible place to work.