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Do You Have the Right Resources to Win Your Union Election?

- by Labor Experts at Labor Relations Services, Inc.

Maintaining a union-free environment is of paramount importance for any employer. It not only impacts the manner in which you are able to communicate with employees, but your ability to function as a business. With global competition, economic uncertainty and the constant push to do more with less, employers must do everything within their power to establish and maintain a competitive edge. Maintaining a union-free workplace can make all the difference in your ability to compete and succeed. Labor Relations Services can help you achieve this goal.

About Us

Labor Relations Services (LRSI) is a professional management consulting firm that has over thirty (30) years of successful experience specializing in materially assisting employers in maintaining their union-free status.

Our track record of success is unparalleled in winning elections, cultivating positive work environments, delivering outstanding management training, and improving two-way communications between management and their employees.

LRSI works with employers to guide them through the numerous complex issues that arise during a union organizing campaign. Our goal is to provide such a high degree of professional service that we are worthy of your initial and continued esteem.

We are honest and truthful in every facet of our business, communications, and relationships. We also believe that there are few things more powerful than a group of men and women of integrity who are gathered together in the pursuit of a single common goal.

What Makes Us Different

We work closely with your Executive Management Team and Labor Counsel to design a customized strategy that is tailor made for your organization's situation. We never conduct "cookie cutter" campaigns.

We believe every organization is unique with different issues, work environments, and circumstances that must be taken into account to formulate the most effective counter union organizing strategies possible.

We have the best and most diverse staff of bilingual and multicultural professional Labor Consultants in the country. Our Senior Consultants have extensive "on-the-ground" experience in anticipating and countering union organizing strategies. Our Senior Consultants have over twenty (20) years of experience in campaign management and effectively dealing with difficult labor relations issues.

We also have an exemplary staff of ex-union organizers and officials, who provide invaluable insight into understanding both sides of the union versus management equation. These professionals, who are now true converts to management's perspective, help to develop creative strategies, but most importantly, bring instant credibility to your campaign communications.

We manage your campaign on-site and use our Senior Consultants to directly interface and legally persuade your employees. In our professional opinion, when any organization is faced with a union petition and a short window of opportunity to communicate, now is not the time to use inexperienced and unproven communicators to develop your strategy and deliver your messages. In a union election, you only have one chance.

Using your internal management team as the sole method to bring the "Vote No" message to your voting employees is absolutely never considered to be a "Best Practice."

Finally, your internal or external Labor Counsel will not interface directly with your voting employees. Therefore, we urge you to use our highly experienced and credible "Persuaders" to help insure success regarding your "union-free" strategy.

For more information about the Right Resources to Win a Union Election, contact Labor Relations Services toll free at 1-877-892-1962, or email us at