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How to Select the Best Labor Consulting Group to Avoid and Win Union Elections, by Labor Relations Experts at Labor Relations Services, Inc.

Choosing the right labor consulting firm to guide you through the numerous complex labor issues presented in determining how to win a union organizing campaign is oftentimes the difference between staying union-free and becoming organized. Improper selection can also lead to unnecessary Unfair Labor Practice (ULP) charges, which can be very costly, causing elections to be overturned, and in some cases, resulting in employers being ordered by the National labor Relations Board (NLRB) to negotiate with the union regardless of the outcome of the election (A "Gissel" Bargaining Order).

Knowing what to look for when hiring a labor relations consulting group, makes all the difference in your ability to remain union-free. With over 33 years of experience consulting for executive management and maintaining an unparalleled success rate, we have found that employers should consider the following factors when hiring a labor consultancy:

  • Employers should only consider labor relations consulting organizations that have been in business for 20 years or more. When a union is organizing your facility, this is not the time to place your organization in the hands of an untested consulting group that is not an established leader in the industry.
  • The consulting firm's labor consultants should be "Registered Persuaders" through the Department of Labor. Registered Persuaders are labor consultants that directly communicate with voting employees during an organizing campaign and file all required federal reporting requirements. Consultants that are not federally registered can create liability for both the consulting firm and more importantly, the employer.
  • A trustworthy labor consulting firm should have won about 90% of their union elections. Be very skeptical of any consulting group who boasts too high of a win ratio or "guarantees winners". It is better to work with professionals that are honest and truthful about all facets of their business.
  • The proper labor consulting firm to consider should have at least 500 union campaigns under their belts in a myriad of industries in order to be regarded as reputable and have sufficient "on-the-ground" campaign experience.
  • The best labor consulting groups design customized strategies that are tailor made for your organization's situation. Avoid "cookie cutter" campaigns. Your plan needs to address the issues and circumstances that are unique to your organization.
  • Only use firms that back their labor consultants with General Liability and Errors and Omission Insurance coverage of at least one million dollars. Don't risk your organization to a consulting group that is not willing to insure the integrity of their staff's performance.
  • Work with consulting groups that have a complement of full-time seasoned professional labor consultants with bi-lingual and multi-cultural capabilities. Be wary of one and two person consulting groups that often use less experienced outside independent contractors or "stringers".
  • Select a labor consulting firm that can provide a one-stop-shop for all of your labor relations needs. They should be able to materially assist in improving two-way communications, cultivating positive work environments, delivering outstanding management training, providing effective union prevention strategies, managing and developing successful campaign tactics, and assisting in business continuation plans and strike management.

For more information on how to select the right labor relations consulting group, contact Labor Relations Services toll free 1-877-892-1962, email us, or visit us at to review some recent testimonials regarding our services.